It’s been a while since I’ve spoken about positivity and positive thinking but when it comes to living the life of your dreams, there is no better place to start than with your mind-set.

It’s always amazed me how our minds have the power to transform our day. We are the creators of our own life and how we begin that creation is always with a thought – that thought is then expanded on through deciding your next course of action, taking that inspired action, stepping outside of your comfort zone and propelling you forwards towards the life you dream of.

Power Of The Mind

Now this thought, action, creation sequence can either work in your favour or against it. That’s what’s so empowering about your life – everything you experience has been manifested and created by you! Even things outside of your control are still influenced by how you choose to experience them. It is all about your mind-set. If you believe that you will never have enough, be worthy enough, be confident enough or successful enough, then guess what…you’re going to stay stuck in that same place for a very long time. Once you believe you do have everything you need, that you are worthy of anything and that you are already successful, then it’s incredible how dramatically your life can change. After all, the universe is always listening to the energy you’re putting out there (even internal thoughts are energy).

I’ve come across the mentality of ‘everything happens TO me’. We seem to live in a world where many of us take things rather personally and assume that the world is out to get them. Everything happens TO them, not as a direct (or sometimes indirect) result of their thought – action – creation sequence. Rather than taking ownership for the life they’re living, they choose to be stuck in the ‘victim’ cycle where life controls their destiny and there’s nothing that they can do about it.

It’s amazing what one change in the way you think can impact the next hour, your next day or even the rest of your life and here it is:

Life doesn’t happen To you, it happens FOR you.

After all, whether your life is insanely wonderful or a whole heap of dog poop right now, it’s still your life and you are still the creator of everything you choose to experience within it. Therefore, if you’re constantly creating, then how on earth can you possibly take things personally and assume that the world and everyone within it is out to get you? You decide on your next action and then you either take it or you don’t.

Life presents a series of lessons to us at any given moment. Those lessons are born from the thought – action – creation cycle. Whatever we end up creating, provides us a lesson to learn from. It’s entirely up to you whether you then choose to listen and learn from that lesson or ignore it and sweep it under the carpet. I’ve spoken about these lessons before, but when the universe is trying to teach us something, it will increase in its efforts to do so depending on whether we take that lesson on board or not. Sometimes that might mean we learn what we need to after a small event or sometimes that means we need to experience the truly awful in order to finally understand what the universe is trying to teach us. That’s why life happens FOR you. It’s constantly guiding you towards the next inspired action that will take you in the direction you need to go in.

It’s all too easy assuming that everything happens to you. It’s way too easy to take everything personally and keep playing the victim card but at some point, that’s going to take its toll and it’s probably going to get boring too. It’s easy because it prevents you from looking at the bigger picture and seeing what truly needs to be addressed. As humans, we don’t like spending time searching, analysing or even paying attention to our flaws – we would rather pass the blame on to anything and anyone else so that we don’t have to spend time in that state of discomfort. But I promise you, that’s where the biggest life lessons lie! That’s where you’ll find the biggest nuggets of wisdom to carry you forwards. Without spending time confronting the parts of ourselves that we don’t like, how can we become the people we long to be? It’s no use constantly sweeping things under the carpet because at some point it’s going to create the biggest stink!

Stop playing the victim and dissect the parts of your life that you feel aren’t working in your favour at the moment.

  • What are you taking personally?
  • Why are you taking things personally?
  • What isn’t aligning with your values?
  • What is preventing you from being where you need to be?
  • What is stopping you from getting what you want out of life?
  • What is holding you back from living the life you dream of?
  • What do you need to pay more attention to?
  • What thoughts do you need to let go of so that you can free yourself?
  • What do you not want to take ownership of?
  • Why is it so uncomfortable for you to take ownership of your life?

Get comfortable with the uncomfortable. There will always be a part of us that needs nurturing and that means holding back any judgements you may feel against yourself and showering yourself with unconditional love and understanding. Once you’re able to do that, you can take back ownership of your life and start viewing life as something that happens FOR you rather than TO you.

When you’re stuck thinking that everything happens TO you, you’ll be stuck in life. You won’t have the belief in yourself that you can create something different and so instead of think – act – create, you’ll be stuck in a cycle of think – refrain – remain. You’ll be waiting around for something different to happen TO you instead of taking inspired action and making things happen FOR you. All it takes is one small change in the way you think to create a different outcome.

Now, there will be times when things are out of your control and it seems as though there’s nothing you can do about it – after all, you can only control to the tips of your fingers. However, there IS something you can do about it. You can make the decision of how you want to experience what is happening outside of your control. You can take back ownership and power over your life and what you create, by choosing to experience things in one way or another.

So what is it that you have been wanting to manifest in your life?

What is it that you have been longing for?

What have you always desired to be, do, have?

Then ask yourself whether you’re in the ‘think – act – create’ cycle or the ‘think – refrain – remain’ cycle.

Remember, life happens FOR you not TO you So take ownership of your thoughts and actions and start creating the life you dream of!

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