Do you wake up feeling enthusiastic, inspired and motivated to start the day? Do you lead each day with a 'glass half full' attitude? Are you living life with excitement and vitality?


This program takes you through 21 days full of activities that guide you towards a more POSITIVE and HAPPIER outlook in your day to day life. I wanted to create a program to help you discover how you can add more positivity into your daily routine and give you the tools that I believe can start shaping a happier and more enthusiastic outlook in your life.

This is where my journey began towards finding that healthier relationship with myself – it all started with the desire to think and live more positively. We all have that desire inside of us, to feel more CONTENT and have a ‘glass half full’ kind of attitude, and guess what? It’s totally achievable! This programme contains all the TOOLS,TIPS and ACTIVITIES that I use and that I have seen work first hand!

This 21 day positivity project is full of action based activities that get you opening both your mind and your heart, to leading a more FULFILLED LIFE.

About the program

The 21 days are split into 3 blocks, giving you the option to go through the program in any time frame that suits you. These blocks will take you through 21 different activities to help lead you to an IMPROVED positive mindset.

It doesn’t end there – at the end of the program you will be guided through a bonus week that takes you through putting positivity into practise; using all that you have learned and utilising it daily.

Unique Features

  • Week 1: Positive Vibes
  • Week 2: Positive Me
  • Week 3: My Positive Life
  • 21 Daily Activities
  • Daily Positivity Diary
  • Bonus Week: Putting Positivity Into Practise

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