This past week I found myself thinking about the saying:



Probably because this week I was completely out of MY comfort zone! I went on a course to finally complete a qualification that I have been wanting to do for the last 6 years. It was something that I was so passionate about, yet I felt super anxious and completely out of my depth whenever it came to completing this course – to be honest I’ve been putting it off for the last 6 years and finally decided to do it!

I 100% felt the struggles this week of self doubt and insecurity. It was hard and I even discovered new weaknesses that I didn’t even know I had. However, the whole time all I could think was

‘I need to do this if I want to get to my end goal’;

I knew I was learning and I knew it would also better my career. Even though there were some definite ‘Oh my goodness I just can’t do this’ moments I knew that sense of achievement I would feel at the end of it would beat any negative feelings I had during those few days. I knew that in order to get where I wanted to be, I had to do it. For the first time I actually applied that saying and really thought about why it’s so true.

The 'magic' is essentially a goal, a dream, something that we want. This magic is a change that we want in our lives – that’s why it’s magic, because at the moment it’s not there, it’s just a fantasy.

If it was easy it would already be in our lives wouldn’t it?

If we wanted change and it was so easily reached, then wouldn’t we have it already?

Change is hard! It’s challenging because taking that first step towards it means that we are already stepping outside our comfort zone as we are venturing into something new that we are not used to. Really what the that statement is saying is this: By stepping outside your comfort zone you start to make changes that will lead you towards your dreams and your ultimate goals. It’s so true though, it’s just hard because you have to find that courage within yourself and that self belief to actually be able to see these changes through.

We all have those ambitions and end goals that we are aiming for and sometimes the hardest part is taking that first step because most of the time it means we have to venture into the unknown, and that’s scary! Especially if it’s something you’re passionate about as that fear of failure can kick in.

But here’s the thing…Unless you do take that first step, there will never be a second or a third that will take you closer to what you ultimately dream of. I feel so proud of myself that I took my own steps this week, knowing that I’ve started to head towards my own personal goals.

So this weekend just take a moment to think about how you can go about achieving what you desire.

Take those first steps,

head outside your comfort zone,

and let the magic begin!

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