Have you ever heard the saying:

It’s the little things that count.


It’s one of my favourite sayings and something that I refer back to so many times in my conversations with people. I have always been a believer in noticing the ‘small’ things and loving those little things that might otherwise go unnoticed.

A couple of years back when I turned 25 I was in a bit of a state – to put it lightly. I had absolutely no clue where I was heading or where I was going in life. I didn’t know what path I was going to pursue career wise, I was unhappy where I was living, I didn’t have many close friends around me and my biggest regret was that I felt like I had wasted the last 3-4 years of my life (obviously getting married to Ben was excluded in that statement). Like I said, I was in a state. I wrote about this before and called it my quarter life crisis – A point in my life filled with confusion and it felt like I was drowning.

Its The Little Things

I geeked out on the topic of ‘happiness’. I read so many books, did so much research and that’s when it hit me hard. My big ‘ah ha’ moment.

Happiness is a journey; it’s a state of being.

Just because you don’t feel happy at one point in your life doesn’t mean you’re an unhappy person – it just means you’re a happy person having a bad day, week, month or year.

As soon as that came to me it was like a massive relief fell over every cell in my body – like I was 100 pounds lighter and a weight was lifted off my shoulders. It was something as small as that (a thought) that made me feel happy! It wasn’t happiness that I was searching for but a way of seeing things in a more positive light so that I could embrace happiness on my journey of life. That was the making of my positivity project. From that point, I knew I would never be 100% happy all the time because you are never 100% of any feeling you may experience. You are never 100% angry, sad, jealous, anxious – so how can you expect to feel happy all the time? What you can do is look at life with a more positive mind-set so that you can tackle every situation from a place of unconditional love and acceptance.

Happiness is something you will always be working towards and it’s time that we all get comfortable knowing it’s a journey not a destination.

Do you want to know the secret towards a stronger path to happiness?

It’s the small things that matter.

When I was writing my positivity project I was really researching proven methods as well as using those that I found really helped me, my family, friends and clients. There was one major theme that ran through it all though – it was looking deeper, beneath the superficial, peeling back the layers and noticing the small things that make you happy. There are so many sayings that have been based around this:

It’s the small things that count.

It’s the little things that matter.

It’s even been abbreviated to – ‘it’s the little things’.

These sayings exist because it is SO TRUE! It IS the little things. It IS those small things that add up to become something incredibly wonderful.

There are so many mistakes that I see people make when they first begin their search for happiness and I guess it’s first and foremost because I made all of those mistakes too. But one of the biggest ones is that people feel that in order to be happy, that means that they have to be outrageously happy ALL of the time. Now, we have already myth busted that one, but another mistake I see is that when searching for happiness, people often seek BIG events. People work towards achieving BIG goals or major happenings because they believe that these ‘big’ things are what will make them happy.

Yes, achieving your goal will boost you up, yes you will get deliriously happy from a proposal, getting married, graduating or getting a promotion but like I have said before – happiness is fleeting because it is a state of being and an emotion. The happiness you feel for a major event will run its course – it has a life span because that emotion is living and breathing just like you are. If you are waiting for a major event to feel happiness then you are missing out on your true path to happiness.

Enjoy the small things – that is the true path to happiness.

Your life isn’t always full of amazing events and happenings. Don’t base your happiness on major events because it will be fleeting and you’ll always be searching for the next big thing. Rather than living in the moment, you’ll be on a hunt for you next high and you will end up missing out on so many wonderful things happening in the present that are just crying out for your attention and appreciation.

There are so many wonderful parts to your life that you experience every day – it may just be that you have forgotten they exist, that you maybe take them for granted or that you need to remember to appreciate them more often. Your life is filled with amazing happenings but most of the time they’re small, really tiny and might even go unnoticed. But what would it feel like if you started noticing all those little things every day?

What would it feel like if you started appreciating every tiny bit of wonderful in your life?

I’m willing to bet it would feel pretty darn fantastic!

When I was going through my ‘Negative Nancy’ phase, the one thing I would consistently do was to fill in a gratitude diary. It was a sure fire way of pulling myself out of that negative space purely for the fact that I was focusing on the small things that I was grateful for. When you’re feeling low it might be the hardest thing ever to come up with things you’re grateful for but that’s when you go back to basics – breathing, walking, life, love – and before you know it you’re on a path towards feeling more positive about the life you’re living. The same goes for happiness.

The more you open your eyes to the amazing life you have, the more happiness you will find in the small things and those small things will all add up to create one beautiful world of pure bliss for yourself.

Not only that, but when you’re having a bad day, looking for the little things that make you happy will bring you back into alignment and make you feel better. It’s those small things that are always around you and lift you up – therefore you can call on them whenever you need to.

Don’t view happiness as a goal – it’s a state of being and something to enjoy on your journey of life. As with any state you won’t feel happy 100% of the time so don’t put the pressure on yourself to do so. The true path to happiness on your journey of life, is to find happiness in the little things. Those things that make you smile, giggle and grateful just because they showed up in your life. Three little things that make me happy are the sun, the sound of birds and cuddles – all of which are easily accessible every single day.

Focus on those little things rather than the major events and change your relationship with the way you view happiness.

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