Wishes And Goals

How many times a day do you say ‘I wish’?

How many times do you think it?

We all wish for something. There’s always going to be something in our lives that we ‘wish’ we could change, do differently or even manifest. What we seem to forget is that we can create any change we want to within our lives – we are our own fairy godmothers!

It’s so easy to sit down, throw a pity party for yourself and wish that your life was somehow different. It’s easy because it’s comfortable, it’s what we are used to so by not trying anything different we allow ourselves to stay within that comfort zone. That’s why the words ‘I wish’ are so easy to say. There’s no commitment with those words – it makes what we wish for sound unobtainable and unreachable so we can let those words run away with us and not have to do anything about it.

In truth, saying ‘I wish’ to things that you CAN work towards is damaging. It becomes so convincing that you can’t change your life or make those changes that will create the difference you want to see – you’re giving away the power you have to an ideal that you fear you will never achieve.

Take that power back.

Change the words you use.

Change the word WISH into GOAL!

What do you wish for?

Even if it feels like your wish is so out of reach there will always be some form of that wish you can grant yourself.

A wish is essentially a feeling – a desire to have something different in your life and at the end of the day, you wouldn’t be wishing for it in the first place if it didn’t have meaning to you.

Work out why this wish is so important to you and then turn that wish into a goal.

How would your life be if a fairy godmother came and granted your wish right this second? How would your life be different? How would it be better?

Turn it into a goal – something that you can achieve and that is attainable in some way because the truth is YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN.

You don’t need to wait around, throwing the pity party of the century for yourself – you can get up, take those steps and start making your dreams come true. The only person standing in your way is yourself. You have the power to make all the right choices to get you there – all you need is determination, persistence and dedication. Start making the right choices to align with your goals (aka wishes!) and make your life happen for you.

So the next time you WISH for something different in your life:

  • Stop for a second
  • Ask yourself why it’s important to you
  • Turn it into a goal
  • Start making the right choices

And turn your wishes into your reality.

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