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What would you do if I told you this:

Right now you are the wisest you have ever been + Right now you are the youngest you will ever be


When you read those words does something change inside of you or shift your perspective on where you are in life and where you could be?

I know that as soon as I heard those words it was like a light switched on in my head and that I was able to see clearer. For the first time in a long time, I had clarity. There was so much truth in both of those statements that it made me stop for a moment to think and really reflect on where I am in life at this moment in time. Those 2 statements opened my eyes and changed the way I perceived my life and everything around me.

All of us have a story (or multiple stories in some cases) that we tell ourselves ABOUT ourselves. We create these stories based on who we think we are, what we have achieved in life and more often than not those stories include what we aren’t capable of, how we are not good enough and why we can’t do something. At the end of the day though it’s just that – a story. The story we create about ourselves is not 100% truth, it’s not always an accurate representation of who we truly are and most of the time includes a whole bunch of self-limiting beliefs that can really hold us back in life.

The latter is so true for so many of us. We convince ourselves that we aren’t good at something, or that we can’t achieve something or that we will never be something. These thought processes manage to concrete these statements in our heads as facts and we forget that the fact really is – we are none of those things. They are just a story – we put so much belief into our story though that it can truly limit what we are capable of achieving.

You are not alone in creating these limiting beliefs – I’ve been there. I created a story about myself that held me back for so many years and that prevented me from exploring outside my comfort zone and really taking on the world and doing what felt right for me. I hid behind my beliefs about myself as thought they were a veil, disguising who I really was so I didn’t have to show my vulnerability to the world. I was so afraid of slipping up or of going down the wrong path that I just wanted to stay in my comfort zone. What was that comfort? My story.

Just like story time was comforting as a child – the stories we develop about ourselves are still comforting as adults. They’re made up beliefs about ourselves that are comforting to hide behind as we go through life.

Limiting beliefs are the most dangerous to us when they stop us from trying something new or when they stop us from pursuing something we dream of such as:

  • I’m too old
  • I’m too young
  • I’m not clever enough
  • I don’t know enough
  • I will be judged by those around me
  • I will fail
  • I won’t be successful enough

I loved hearing this:

Right now you are the wisest you have ever been.


Right now you are the youngest you will ever be.

Because there is just so much freedom in those words!

It’s basically saying that no matter where you are in life, how old you are, what you know or don’t know, you can do absolutely anything you want to. You are not limited by anything and therefore can achieve anything.

If age and knowledge are no longer limitations then what would you do right now, right this second?

What would you do knowing that you will never be any younger than you are right now?

What would you allow yourself to do knowing that your entire life so far has given you all the wisdom you need to get you to this moment?

The only thing holding you back in life is you. It’s your story and those beliefs about who you are that are stopping you from achieving what you truly desire, nothing more, nothing less.

But guess what – you are the designer of your life! You have the power to change the story you believe about yourself. You can re-write the words, edit the paragraphs and switch over the pages. These stories are not set in concrete (even though our beliefs are so stubborn it makes them feel as though they are) but only you can change them – after all, YOU created the story so YOU need to edit them. There are no proof readers here to help you along the way.

Only you are holding yourself back in life. So ask yourself why? What’s made you believe this is the way your life should be? How do you want it to be different? What do you want to learn but won’t allow yourself to? What do you want to try but you’re too afraid to? Whatever it is dissect your story and allow yourself to throw those limiting beliefs out the window because in all honesty, you really don’t need them.

For years I thought I was too old.

Too old to go back to school, to change career, to start dancing again, to go on pointe in ballet.

I was so convinced that I would never achieve what I wanted to because I was too old but deep down I was scared. I was terrified that I would never become who I truly wanted to be. Hiding behind my thoughts was safe because I would never fail if I never even tried.

In the end that’s what scared me even more – fear that I would look back on life and regret that I'd never even tried. By this point 5 years had passed. I wasn’t any closer to being a ballerina, to owning my own business or studying what truly interested me. I was stuck.

Until I realised this:

Right now, I’m the youngest I will ever be.

In that moment I realised, as long as I’m sat here doing nothing, I will never be fulfilled – I will never be everything. I had told myself for too long that I’m getting too old to do these things when in actual fact, I will never be any younger than I am right now.

That’s when everything changed. Like I said, it was a light switch going off in my head that told me to just go and do everything I had set my heart on. I felt a freedom to just be me, to make mistakes, to grow but most importantly to pursue dreams that I knew would serve me in the long run.

We all need something to give us courage. If only it was as simple as taking a pill right? In truth, courage comes from us. It comes from our ability to see what we need and start working for it. It comes from us having a moment of clarity and taking action towards it. At the end of the day, you won’t get anywhere in life without taking actions to get you there.

Make a start today.

So I’ll ask you again:

What would you do right this second if I told you this:

Right now you are the wisest you have ever been


Right now you are the youngest you will ever be


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