Starting a health journey can be a very daunting place to be in. There is so much information out there, that when you begin your own health journey, it can be confusing to pin point where to start. Here are my top 3 tips for starting out a health journey and no matter what that looks like for you, these 3 tips will help and support you along the way.


There is no one size fits all approach to health.

If you look at health holistically, you’re looking at your life and health from a range of angles and approaches. Bio-individuality is a huge core concept of holistic nutrition and health because it focuses on the individual. Essentially it comes down to what works for you and what doesn’t. So when you start your health journey (or continue with it depending where you are), it’s important to remember bio-individuality and focus on what your body needs to thrive rather than sticking with something that may not necessarily work for you.

Primary food

This is another core concept of holistic nutrition coaching. Primary food is everything that feeds us besides the food and drink that we consume. It’s everything that makes up our lives from our career and finances to our relationships and home environment.

In other words, primary food is the food that feeds and nourishes our souls that can not be served on a plate.

  • What ingredients make up your life?
  • What ingredients make up who you are?

If we are lacking in areas of our primary food, then we will end up focusing on that secondary food (the food we eat and drink) to fill that void and what we feel we are missing. Look at the ingredients that make up your life and notice where you feel there might be something missing or where you are lacking something. As important as nutrition is, it’s also important to focus on the food that nourishes our lives as a whole and fill any gaps so that we don’t create an unhealthy dependency on that secondary food.

Food changes everything

Have you ever heard the phrase:

You are what you eat.


We are literally made of what we eat. When we eat food, that food then goes into our bodies, is digested and then forms the cells, hormones, enzymes, muscles and tissues within our bodies. Whatever health journey you are on, whether it’s physical health, mental health, emotional health or spiritual health, it’s important to look at the food that you are consuming and make sure that you’re fuelling your body with foods that will help your body to thrive. Look at having at least half a cup of green, non-starchy vegetables with every meal, sourcing your protein from healthy, sustainable sources and eating whole grains instead of highly refined sugars.

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