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Time Zone

You are beautiful.

You are worthy.

You are more than enough.

How did it feel reading those words?

Did you need them?

Every morning and evening I say those words to myself – as soon as I get out of bed and right before I go to sleep. How we see ourselves is so important because it dictates and impacts how we show up for ourselves every day. If you view yourself and your life from a place of abundance then guess what? You’ll shower every part of your life with love and abundance throughout your day. If you view your life from a place of lack then you’ll fall short in everything you do throughout your day.

I didn’t always recite this mantra. In fact, it’s no secret that I was a pity party princess – I was once an aspiring Bridget Jones, eating a tub of ice cream, wearing pyjamas, under a duvet, sitting in a pile of chocolate wrappers with the full intention of washing my hair in the morning. When I was in these moments of despair, I would look on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn and compare myself to anyone and anyone – in particular, the people I used to go to school with. I’d look to see how successful they were in their careers, see their relationships, bodies, friends, holidays. I would look at their lives and then view mine from a place of ‘lack’. I would feel like I was lacking fulfilment in my work, lacking rock hard abs and toned legs, lacking a massive friendship circle, lacking a loving boyfriend and even lacking pictures of me smiling! There wasn’t one area where I looked at my life from a place of abundance.

I realised that I didn’t value myself at all. I didn’t have any love for myself at all or the life I was living. I was so invested in comparing myself to the ‘ideal’ lives I thought everyone else was living that I forgot to nourish and look after my own.

We are all unique – from our cells to our memories.

Yes, we may have had a similar upbringing to another, maybe we even look like someone else but that doesn’t mean we will share the same or even a similar story to them. We are all totally individual which means that our stories are going to be as unique as the person creating them.

There seems to be this ideal life projected onto us. We go to school to get good grades to then get into a good university. We will then get a great degree to help us get an amazing job with an equally amazing pay cheque to match. Not long after we will meet our soulmate, get married, have babies and live happily ever after. The thing is, this is just one version of A story that has been pushed onto us. So what happens if you try to chase this ideal but slip up somewhere? You start viewing your life from a place of lack over abundance. Maybe you lack the grades, the boyfriend or the job and because of that you start fearing that you have failed along the line in one way or another.

That’s where I was at.

Multiple jobs changes, no career, minimum wage pay cheque, no boyfriend, no girl tribe to support me and no idea what my next move would be. I used to speak all sorts of stinky words to myself. I would question how I possibly could have got to this point after working so hard! I felt like I had worked so much harder than everyone else and would judge myself for not being as successful, talented or beautiful.

Here’s the biggest nugget that we all forget.

We have it all already.

We are beautiful.

We are worthy of living our best and healthiest life.

We are more than enough and are NOT deserving of anyone’s judgements.

Everything we need we already have.

Everything we desire we are in control of creating.

Where you are right now is perfect.

That last point is the most powerful out of all of them.

Where you are right now IS perfect.

You are in the perfect place for your beautiful being right now. There is no other place you need to be right now. Everything that has happened so far in your life has led you here and it is HERE where you will create something amazing that will shape your future.

When I was filling my cells with all that negative self-talk, I had forgotten that life happens. I was so unforgiving of myself for not being in the same place in life as my peers that I couldn’t see past my disappointment of where my life was at. It wasn’t until I started forgiving myself for those mean words that I started to realise everything in my life was happening perfectly for ME.

We all go to school together and because we are all at the same stage in life, it makes it easier to compare. But at some point in our lives we start making our own decisions that have nothing to do with anyone else. We choose to go to university or not, to specialise in studying one subject over another, to couple up or break up, to buy a house or rent. There are so many decisions that we make along the way that our stories soon become our own – they become unique.

There is absolutely no point in comparing your life to anyone else’s because you’ll just start viewing your life as ‘lacking’ over abundant.

What you believe, you manifest and what you fear will challenge you over and over again.

To create the life you dream of, you have take inspired action and it’s harder to do that if you’re not being kind or gentle to yourself.

We are all on our own journey of life and because of that we are all in our own time zone.

I grew up in Dubai and am currently living in the UK. The sun goes down 3 hours ahead in Dubai but just because the sun goes down first over there doesn’t mean it won’t go down in the UK. It just takes 3 hours. I did my A-Levels when I was 17 and my sisters did theirs when they were 18 – we were different ages when we took our exams but it doesn’t change the fact we all got As.

There will be times in your life where something does or doesn’t happen for you. It’s not because you failed, because you weren’t good enough or undeserving. It simply wasn’t your time. You are in your own time zone and things will happen for you when they are meant to. Wherever you are right now is perfect and it’s exactly where you’re meant to be. It doesn’t make your life superior or inferior to anyone else’s, it just makes your life your own.

If you look at your life from a place where you truly believe you are everything and over flowing in all areas, then you can forgive yourself and move onwards and upwards to create change and implement inspired action. Just because you’re not exactly where you want to be doesn’t mean you can’t make it happen for you, it doesn’t mean you made mistakes or that you should regret anything. You have to first forgive yourself for using those pooey words and limiting beliefs and then acknowledge that everything that has happened in your life so far has led you to this amazing place where you are meant to be.

You are perfect as you are; showing up the best you possibly can for yourself in this moment in time.

Then ask yourself this question:

  • What can I do RIGHT NOW from a place of love that will create the change I wish to see in my life?

When you take inspired action from a place of unconditional love, you manifest what you wish to see in your life.

If you try to push forward from a place of fear, that fear will challenge you time and time again. Either way, you are learning, growing and moving in your own time zone and adding to your own unique story that is so beautifully individual to you.

If you did one thing differently right now – only one thing – you might be living a different life this time next year.

How do you want that life to look?

The energy you put out into the world is the energy you receive back.

  • Will your story have flourished, or will you be repeating the same lessons over and over again?
  • What one thing can you do differently now? What can you change that will propel your life forward?

For me, it was stopping the comparisons. Once I stopped comparing myself to others and accepted that we are all in our own time zones, I was able to forgive myself and start viewing my life from a place of abundance. That in itself helped me to take inspired action to create the life I knew I was deserving of.

I want you to take inspired action right now, right this second.

I want you to flourish in your own time zone and embrace that you are perfect just as you are, right this second, right here, right now. Where you are in life is perfect for you and where you are heading in your journey is just as beautiful as you and your soul.

You are beautiful.

You are worthy.

You are more than enough.

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