Let Go Of Negative Self Talk

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Negative self-talk is something that I think we can all relate to and it’s definitely something we can all let go of – it doesn’t benefit us in any way, it doesn’t serve us and it can really stop us from discovering our true potential in life.

It’s a form of self-bullying. We’re so quick to protect those we love from harsh words yet those we say to ourselves can be so cruel and full of hurt, anger and hate. Not a single one of us wants to be a ‘bully’ but the truth is, if you’re self-talk is full of negativity then you are a bully – you’re bullying yourself. I’m sure, in one way or another, we all have some form of negative self-talk and it’s doing us no good holding onto it – it not only damages your mental wellbeing, it also damages your future and what you’re truly capable of achieving in your life.

Negative self-talk comes from a fear of failure. The fear of failure can come from so many different areas of life but it fuels negative self-talk. Essentially, we fear that we won’t be who we ultimately want to be, or achieve what we want to achieve and so we change our self-talk to reflect that fear. We convince ourselves that we can’t be something or do something and it stops us in our tracks before we have even tried. That’s how damaging it can be – it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy: The more we put ourselves down and use negativity, the more we will believe we aren’t worthy of living the lives we dream of.

This fear of failure forms negative self-talk and that in turn creates limiting beliefs and puts general limitations on our lives. When we put ourselves down we have taken away that solid foundation we need:

our own support.

Without that, it seems like a constant uphill struggle whenever we want to get somewhere. If we want to change something in our lives, that has to come from us. We can listen to all the right advice in the world, have all the support of our loved ones and still not accomplish anything without that one vital ingredient. It’s simple:

When we believe in ourselves, we can achieve anything!

Our self-talk become our beliefs, so the more you put yourself down the more you’re going to believe it. Think about it, if you thought you could do anything in this world, wouldn’t you have done so much more by now? If you thought you could change your life, wouldn’t you have made those changes by now? When that belief is strong anything is possible but that belief can’t be there if negative self-talk is going on; it’s that belief that creates the support we need to give ourselves.

Limiting beliefs are created when we start to believe that negative self-talk and they are what stop us from making those changes we all dream of, no matter how big or small they might be. Imagine if you didn’t have any limiting beliefs…imagine how much freedom you would have! Freedom to do anything you want to do without that fear of failure! Wouldn’t life feel so much more fulfilling, exciting and full of possibilities?

Well that’s exactly why we need to get rid of that negative self-talk.

You should be your number 1 cheerleader, your biggest fan and your own best friend. At the end of the day, the longest relationship you will ever have is the relationship you have with yourself – that is the biggest truth you will ever hear. So that relationship needs to be nurtured, cherished and full of respect. You need to treat yourself BETTER than your best friend. You wouldn’t say negative things to your best friend, you wouldn’t put them down – you would lift them up, encourage them and give them all the support they need to take on the world! That’s exactly what you need to do with yourself.

Change the words you use when you talk to yourself – turn them into ones of love, kindness and respect to who you truly are. There’s no room for negative self-talk so replace it for positive self-talk and watch your life unfold as you take on the world.

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