In a world where we are constantly giving our energy to others, it’s more important than ever to look after ourselves and practice self-care. There seems to be a stigma attached to that though, that it means we are ‘selfish’. Well, when it comes to looking after ourselves it is totally OK to be selfish – sometimes the most unselfish thing to do is to be selfish. We’ve all heard of that saying:

"You can’t pour from an empty cup."

So if you’re constantly giving to others then you need to start being selfish and practicing self-care.

Here are 5 ways to be unselfishly selfish:

Allow yourself to feel all the negative emotions

It’s ok to not be ok – it’s as simple as that. It’s not healthy to ignore when you’re feeling sad or down – it’s our bodies way of telling us we need a bit of TLC, so listen to that. Work through what you need to and free those heavy emotions so you have more energy and love to share.

Make time for you

We all need that much loved ‘me time’ and even though it might seem selfish to take time out to yourself, it’s so beneficial for your mind, body and soul. This is what’s going to fill your cup up and boost your mood! It doesn’t matter whether it’s 5 minutes or an entire day, but make that time to look after you – trust me, it’s a miracle worker!

It’s ok to ask for help

As much as we want to be super woman/man, we can’t do everything in life and sometimes we do need an extra helping hand. We are surrounded by so many people that love us who wouldn’t mind helping us. So even though it may seem like a selfish thing to do, asking someone for help, it’s actually more beneficial to you and everyone around you if you’re struggling with something. By sharing your burden it adds to that element of self-care that allows you to share your energy in other areas.

Start saying ‘no’

Say ‘no’ to all those things that don’t serve you. Sometimes it’s more productive to you, your energy and your life to say no to those things that drain you.

  • Make a choice to put yourself first

This is the ultimate form of self-care! Make that choice to put yourself first – be your own best friend and show yourself all the TLC you can. This is the way you’ll fill your cup up enough to share your energy, happiness and love around.

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