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We have all had those days where we don’t feel quite that awesome; where we doubt everything we do or second guess ourselves at every turn.

Trust me, I know the feeling all too well.

In fact I’m pretty sure most of us do, don’t we? I’ve been feeling this way the last couple of weeks and to be quite honest with you, it totally sucks! BAD! One thing I can say for certain, no doubt or second guessing involved, is that I have the best support system and just incredible people to help me through my funk.

I can not stress the importance of finding that support system, those people who lift you up and carry you through all the tough times.

Hell, the whole point about HUG and what I have created, is that you can always feel you have a support system through this platform and myself. Because, it is honestly such an awesome tool to carry you through the hard times.

A Support System.

Anyway, like I said, this past week I was so grateful to have such amazing people in my life. My hubby lifted me up every day with all the sweetness of his heart, my mum encouraged me through all her kind motherly words and advice, but I guess what really hit my heart the hardest, were the words my dad told me:

Don’t underestimate yourself. You have a hidden talent and it will shine through.

There are a few reasons this really hit home:

  • He has never really been one to be serious in a serious situation. Whenever I am a bit low, his response is to tell me to smile because he can’t see me sad. So, the fact that he was dead serious meant I had to take it to heart.
  • He summed up how I was feeling in one word – I was totally UNDERESTIMATING myself.
  • Even though I’m in my mid 20s now, hearing my dad say I have a talent, made me feel like I could conquer the world!

If there’s anything you take away from this post it’s those words.

None of us at any age should be underestimating ourselves.

We are our harshest critic when we should be our number one fan.

We are so quick to put ourselves down, when we should be our

biggest cheerleader!

Deep down, we know what we are seriously capable of, and let me tell you…we are ALL capable of achieving ANYTHING we are passionate about. We are the only ones that can create that drive needed to get where we want to be, and you have total control over your destiny and what you create for yourself. Never forget that you have the ultimate power over YOU, so never underestimate yourself – EVER.

Don’t let people or certain situations bring you down. We all have those moments, of course we do! But remember those words:


Now let’s get on to the second part of that mini pep talk –


I want to tell you right this moment, right now, that YOU have a talent. Whether you know what it is right now or not, you most certainly have a talent.

We all have something that makes us stand out from the crowd,

an ability that gives us that little bit of an edge on life.

The fact that we are all so wonderfully unique as individuals means that we all add an incredible amount of value in this world. Adding that value alone is a talent!

This week I want all of us to think what our talents are – whether they’re academic, empathetic, athletic, creative…it doesn’t matter. All of us are talented in our own way and I want you to embrace it!

Really open your heart and your mind and think about what yours is. Cherish it, utilise it and show it off! Remember those talent shows when you were younger? How you would showcase what you could do and what your capable of? Well guess what –

life is one big talent show!

Whatever you discover your talent to be, show it off! Share it with the world! Add some positivity and sparkle into your day by showing off your beautiful self and what you are capable of.

We are all talented and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

It’s totally OK if you don’t know what yours is right this moment – I promise you it will shine through, and then it will mean all the more to you.

I would love to know what your talent is, so send me a message on my Instagram or through the website and share your story with me. I hope that you found some inspiration through this and a little more motivation to take you through the week.

Don’t underestimate yourself – you have a talent.

Now go and show the world how strong you can be.

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