Life is meant to be enjoyed – we are supposed to have fun, feel fulfilled and vibrant and shower ourselves with love and kindness. In this week’s video, I wanted to share 5 easy steps that will help enhance your life so that you can empower yourself to take life head on and enjoy every single second of it!

Enjoy your food

If we have 3 meals a day, that makes 21 throughout the week – let alone all the snacks and treats we might have in between. Food makes up a huge part of our lives; it’s something we indulge in, something we share with family and friends, helps build relationships and friendships, it’s something we use as the centre for celebrations and something we enjoy every day (multiple times a day). The key word here is ENJOY!

Because we spend so much of our lives around food, it’s important that we enjoy it!

Food is meant to be enjoyed. We live in a time where there is a huge diet culture telling us to ‘eat this’ or ‘don’t eat that’; it’s all too easy to limit ourselves with restrictions and ‘diets’ that we are actually forgetting the fundamental principle of eating – ENJOYMENT.

When it comes to nourishing your body, it’s important to eat whole foods, fruits, vegetables and to make sure we are getting all the right carbohydrates, proteins and fats. However, if you don’t enjoy something then don’t force yourself to eat it just because it’s a ‘health food’. Figure out how you enjoy your food and remember moderation and nourishment.

Focus on the little things

It’s so easy in today’s society of ‘go go go’ to forget to slow down and enjoy the smaller things in life. We are ‘goal getters’ and ‘goal setters’, but by constantly working towards the next BIG thing, we forget to stop and take in the SMALLER things. Those big wins do happen but they are few and far between, so if you want to feel happier then it’s time to stop banking your happiness on achieving those big goals. Make it about the journey instead and focus on the smaller things that light you up and make you feel amazing. Trust me, those small things add up into something incredible too!

*I have created a FREE gratitude diary which is perfect to help you cultivate a daily gratitude practice in your life and encourages you to focus on the little things that make you smile. If you haven’t downloaded your free copy yet, then click this link here.

Focus on what’s new and good

Most of us are under an insane amount of pressure, having to juggle 100 different plates at one time, that we get caught up living in the future and thinking about what’s coming next. Or at the other end of the scale, we may live in a state of regret and focus on the past. The problem with both of those is that we forget to live and be present in the here and now. The past has happened, the future hasn’t happened yet, but the present is happening now.

So instead of looking forward or behind, focus on what’s new and good in your life right now and start being present.

Create a self-care practice

We are all giving all of the time, that in order to keep going we need to start practicing self-care and taking care of ourselves at a deeper level. It’s not as selfish as you might think! If we don’t take that time out for ourselves then how on earth are we going to keep giving to others. Think of your self-care as a bank – the more you invest, the more return you get back and if you forget to pay your monthly check in, then you’ll soon run out of funds to spend. Start making self-care an achievable and regular practice that you can stick to.

Make movement and mediation a daily practice

Our bodies are designed to move! It’s so important to move your body daily and can be a form of self-care. If you feel flat, then it’s even more important to get your body moving.

Meditation doesn’t have to mean sitting cross-legged on the floor – it’s bio-individual and can be any sort of practice that brings you into the moment in the here and now.

Both of these are great for calming those stress responses within the body and are a wonderful way to show your body on a daily basis what your health means to you both mentally and physically.

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