We all need water to survive

and we all know that we should be drinking more.

It’s drilled into us from such a young age that water is important and even now it’s the easiest and quickest remedy most of us prescribe our loved and closest ones when they’re ill. Headache? No problem, have some water. Car sick? No big deal, have some water. Feeling dizzy? Quick, have some water. We are so quick to tell others to drink water, but why is it that we aren’t on that same train to begin with?


Water IS important and for most of my life I thought I was drinking enough when in actual fact I was no where near drinking enough at all! I grew up in Dubai and for those who don’t know, for most of the year it’s an incredibly hot city (very hot!). Living there, I should have been drinking way more than the average person, but I wasn’t. What was the result? A poorly tummy, bad skin, terrible sleeping patterns, constant headaches. Even going to uni in the UK these symptoms didn’t stop. It’s not until now I’m into my 20’s I’m starting to notice and see what a massive difference drinking the correct amount of water daily does to your health. I want to go through some of the benefits (lets be real…if I go through ALL of them, we’d be here all day!) that I think are important to understand and also some easy tips to get more water in your diet.

The Low down on water:

Water makes up over two thirds of the human body – Whoah! A lot right? Now let’s think about this for a second: If our body is made up of so much water, and requires this in order to function, then what happens to our bodies when we don’t get enough water? Our bodies struggle in functioning and being healthy! It’s simple when you think about it.

  • WATER BOOSTS ENERGY! The more water we drink, the easier our internal systems function and therefore it boosts energy!
  • LOWERS STRESS! If you’re dehydrated, your cells in your body feel the stress. Guess what happens next – you feel the stress! Both physically and mentally.
  • HELPS DIGESTION! This is such a big one! Drinking water helps your digestion and your internal system and also helps prevent constipation and bloating!
  • BOOSTS METABOLISM! So because it helps your digestion, it also helps the way in which we break down food and speeds up the process.
  • FLUSHES OUT TOXINS! Forget those fad detox diets. If you want to flush out toxins drink more water! It helps to get rid of the waste from inside your body
  • HELPS WEIGHT LOSS! Sometimes when you’re feeling hunger and go to grab another biscuit, what you’re really feeling is thirst! Not only that but drinking water can make you feel fuller.
  • HELPS HEADACHES! We all know this one!
  • MAKES YOUR SKIN HEALTHY! Our skin needs water to feel and look heathy and youthful! Ever notice really faint lines on your face…that’s probably not a wrinkle, it’s just that your skin is dehydrated.
  • REGULATES BODY TEMPERATURE! Sweat helps us regulate our body temperature and we need to replenish our water supply to keep this going.

With all of this being said, guess what the 10th benefit of drinking water is?

  • IMPROVED MOOD!! YES!!! If we drink more water, we feel all of the above and therefore our energy is up and our mood is improved and lifted!!

We all want to feel better, look better and think better. That’s why water is so important! HUG is all about leading a healthier and more positive life and water is essential in order for that to happen!

We should be drinking 2-3 litres a day! More if we have been exercising.

So here are three tips to get you drinking more water every day:

  1. WAKE UP TO A TALL GLASS OF WARM WATER AND LEMON. Make this the first thing you consume at the start of your day. I fill my glass up half way with cold water and then top it up with boiling water from the kettle. If you make yourself that promise, then you won’t forget. The hot water and lemon is also a great digestion booster!
  2. INVEST IN A LARGE BOTTLE. Keep filling It up and tally up in your head how many you have had. For example I have a 1 litre bottle, and make sure that I drink 2-3 of these over the course of the day. If you notice you’ve been slacking, down the bottle and refill! Having a large bottle instead of glasses helps you to keep track.
  3. ADD SOME FLAVOUR. I know not many of us enjoy the taste of water (personally I love it!) or that after a while we just get bored of the taste and that makes it harder to drink more. Try to avoid adding sugary squashes to your drinks as that defeats the point of it, and doesn’t do much for your health or your body. Here are some alternatives to add some flavour:
  • Add a squeeze of lemon or lime
  • Put some mint leaves in your water – this makes it taste so fresh!
  • Add some orange segments
  • Or even add some cucumber – love this one too!
  • My personal favourite is to add lemon and mint together!

Just try and make it as natural as possible.

Try to drink 2-3 litres of water a day for the next week and see for yourself what a massive difference it makes to the way your body functions and the way you feel. Yes being positive and feeling good is what HUG is all about, but if our bodies are made up of mostly water then it makes sense that in order for us to feel good in any way, the first change we need to make, is to drink more water!

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