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Try Something New

September 26, 2017

When was the last time you tried something new?

Think about it, when did you last try something for the first time?

Experience New

Trying something new can be daunting, overwhelming and a bit unnerving but it’s also one of the only ‘activities’ that will help push you to grow as a person. Every time you try something new for the first time you are overcoming obstacles, barriers and learning – you learn from doing something once that it’s no longer daunting after that.

So I challenge you to try something new today!

It could be as simple as a new recipe, or something more exciting like trying something different in the bedroom with your partner – why not? New experiences are meant to be enjoyed and they are exactly that – an experience. It doesn’t have to turn into a habit that you practise on a daily basis, and if the new experience doesn’t quite gel with you then you never have to do it again.

There’s no pressure. There shouldn’t be any pressure. I think so many of us are apprehensive to try something new because there’s a certain amount of fear that is linked with that statement:

  • Fear that we wont enjoy it
  • Fear that we will not live up to our own expectations
  • Fear that the experience won’t live up to our expectations
  • Fear of disappointment
  • Fear of not being good or of failing
  • Fear of the unknown

There are so many fears and that leads to anxiety – how many of us have experienced anxiety when we were going to start something new to us? I know I did when it came to learning to drive, ice skate, play the flute – I even had anxiety about starting to run outside, it didn’t matter that I could run no problem on a treadmill, but that change to running in ‘public’ freaked the hell out of me. Why? Because it was new.

We were all beginners at some point and we all started somewhere. In fact, we all started off learning to walk by crawling, falling over and getting up again didn’t we? Anyone who wants to learn the piano has to start with the basic scales and playing continuous ‘C’ notes. We all learn by going through similar processes as each other, the only thing that differentiates us is our mind set and the way we see or feel about a certain situation.

For example, my mum has the most positive of mind sets and steps into almost everything she’s ever done with excitement and enthusiasm. However, it’s not that easy for me – When I was growing up I developed a habit of worrying. I panicked about everything and anything – I cried at the thought of presentations, or stopped myself from ice skating at the thought of falling over – what’s the common link here? Thought. It was my thought process that stopped me from enjoying new experiences and therefore really making the most out of them. It all starts with your mind set.

When I left for uni I realised that my thought process wasn’t what I wanted it to be. I didn’t want to fear new experiences, I wanted to enjoy them and make wonderful memories. I travelled thousands of miles from my family that if I didn’t make that change, I probably would have been totally unhappy. So I did, I made that change and worked on overcoming those barriers that I had set out for myself. Step by step I altered all my habits of fearing change and the ‘new’ that now I LOVE challenging myself to do NEW things. I love it. What a change right?

So if you’re feeling fear over trying something for the first time then ask yourself why? Work through those obstacles that you set out for yourself and persevere. Changing any habit takes time and hard work and fearing ‘new’ is a habit that you CAN change if you want to. We habitually teach ourselves to fear change and therefore can teach ourselves back out of it – or at least learn how we can control and work through our anxiety so it no longer stops us.

Every time you try something new, you learn and grow – you push yourself forward in your journey of life. If you are ever stuck or feel like you’re in a rut then doing something new or trying something for the first time can be that magic tonic to help get you out of that situation. By doing the same things over and over again, you will never achieve a different result – so if you want to make change then that’s up to you to create it.

You are the creator and designer of your own journey, so don’t hold yourself back by stopping yourself from growth. Try something new TODAY. Just do it. Count down from 5, get up and do something awesome.

Is there something you have been wanting to do for ages but have stopped yourself?

Go do it.

Have you always dreamed of doing something?

Go do it.

Is there a new activity that your best friend has asked you to do, or a colleague at work, but you have said no? Why?

Just go do it.

Ask yourself why you’re hesitating to try new things. Maybe it is something you need to work through and if it is, then that’s great! It’s always fantastic when you work out what is holding you back – even that is growth.

So I challenge you today – TRY SOMETHING NEW! See how you feel afterwards.

Do you feel a sense of achievement from making a three course meal?

Maybe you feel excited for your health journey by deciding to shop at an organic market for the first time.

Or you might even be in absolute hysterics from trying rock climbing with your friends for the first time.

No matter what, I promise you, you WILL feel different after you try something new. Trying something for the first time will teach you a life lesson and open your eyes to something new – always – purely because it IS new! It’s new to you, therefore you will experience something new and feel something new.

Enjoy it!

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