Your period is not just your period. It’s an expression of your underlying health.

Two years ago I decided to come off the contraceptive pill – A bit late on the band wagon with this one considering I knew all about the negative effects of the pill for a good while, but it was the right time for me to do it. I had never had a ‘regular’ cycle and it took me years for it to even become a somewhat normal thing for me to experience! Shocking, right? The truth is, apart from knowing what periods are and why they are needed to ultimately be healthy as a woman, I didn’t know much more about them.

When I quickly realised how difficult it was to get my period back after coming off the pill, I decided that I needed to get my glasses on and get stuck into some good old fashioned reading and sink my teeth into some research. Now, I’m not saying that the Period Repair Manual is in any way a ‘text book’, but it was way too good not to share it with you! It’s one of those books that every woman should read no matter where they are in life. This book covered it all! From what a period is to conception to menopause.

Lara Briden, is a naturopathic doctor and wrote this book as a guide to better periods. She shares amazing advice and tips to women of every age and situation – if you have a period, want to have a period or used to have a period then this book is for you!

Personally, I struggled with my cycle leading up to my pregnancy and this book was so informative that it gave me all the confidence I needed to start taking back control over my periods and therefore, my health. There is a lot of science to back up all the information she provides in the book and you by no means have to read the whole thing if it’s all a bit overwhelming (I just love geeking out on this kind of thing!) – rather, find the chapters and the parts that interest you the most and sink your teeth into learning why your periods should start to become one of your health priorities.

Why I love it:

  • It covers all aspects of a period
  • It covers a range of common (and not so common) period related health issues
  • It provides tips on how to treat period symptoms naturally
  • Provides nutritional supplement advice as well as herbal medicines
  • Focuses on how diet can influence the health of your periods
  • Covers a variety of age ranges and situations so any woman at any part of life would benefit
  • It explains hormonal birth control and how to come off it
  • It explains what your periods should be like and how to get them as healthy and regular as possible
  • It gives you the confidence to take back control over your period

What it covers:

  • Understanding your period
  • What your period should be like
  • How to come off birth control
  • What can go wrong with your period
  • Diet, sleep and exercise for better periods
  • PMS
  • Perimenopause and menopause
  • Restoring regular periods

Why you should read it:

  • To understand how to have better periods
  • To begin to use your period as a monthly report card for your health
  • To understand what can affect your period
  • To get clear on what you should be looking for when it comes to your period


A real period is a finale in a series of hormonal events which include ovulation and the making of progesterone.

Your period is your monthly report card. Your symptoms are your clues.

Your period should be regular. It should arrive without premenstrual symptoms and without pain.

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