MAD GIRL by Bryony Gordon is one of the most honest, raw and authentic books I have ever read – Everything that I not only value in a person, but that I feel privileged to read in print as well.

In this book she dives in deep, giving an honest account of her struggles with mental illness including OCD, eating disorders and depression. As she states in her book, this isn’t a self-help guide – it’s more of a raw account of everything she has experienced in terms of her mental illness and how she manages it and thrives in the present day.

I believe that it’s so important to share our struggles that we face as we go through life so that no one feels as though they’re on this journey alone. This is definitely one of those books! I found so much that resonated with me as I read it and I absolutely love how she talks to candidly about something that needs to be expressed more – mental health.

Why I Love It:

  • It’s an honest and raw account of her own history with mental illness
  • It talks about a topic that should no longer be taboo
  • It promotes sharing about mental illness and talking about it
  • It explores a number of different aspects of mental illness
  • It’s completely relatable on so many accounts
  • It makes you feel like you aren’t alone in the world

Why you should read it:

  • Because mental health needs to be talked about!


*With all my reviews I love to share snippets of takeaways that I felt were poignant while reading the book. Although there were a lot of quotes I fell in love with – the writing was so real and true to her that I didn’t feel re-writing sentences outside of their true context would do her words justice. Instead, as every individual reading it will take something different from her words, I thought I would share the one quote that really resonated and stuck with me, which is:

For young women, fat is more often than not a mental state rather than a physical one. It’s the place we go in our heads whenever we dare to think we might look good.

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