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We are on a forever changing journey and you will never be the exact same YOU that you are right at this exact moment in time. Life is forever flowing, it’s full of ups and downs and we’re constantly adapting as humans to accommodate for that change. There are new beginnings, endings, new experiences and new adventures that make life all the more interesting.

I like to think about it this way:

When you go to a theme park, the rides that are the most fun are the rollercoasters that go up, down, around in circles and flip you upside down every now and again. There’s only so many times you can go on a flat train round a farmyard before you’ve had enough. Well, life is exactly like that! It’s so much more fun to have a life that looks like a rollercoaster full of loops than one that goes at 1 mile an hour on a flat track. Yes, that means we all experience times of stress, sadness and anxiety but it also allows us to feel all those incredible highs like love, happiness, laughter and pure blissful joy.

We are constantly being remoulded and reshaped and every time we are given a new version of ourselves that is just as beautiful as the last.

Its Ok To Change Your Mind

Everything that happens in life changes us in one way or another. All the events that happen are ingredients that get added into our recipe pot of who we are and they all add something special to our core. We learn through our experiences and it’s those experiences that shape us. That’s why you are a completely different version of yourself right now than you were when you were 5!

Think about your priorities, your loves and your aspirations of when you were 5 and compare them to what they were when you were 15. Then, compare them to what they are now.

  • When I was 5, my priorities were coming home to play with my middle sister Zehra, eating smarties and playing in our pool. My loves were my dolls, making my dad apple crumble and dressing up. I aspired to be Penelope Pitstop from Whacky Racers (I have absolutely NO idea why so don’t ask! It might have been something to do with the pink!).
  • When I was 15 my priorities were achieving good grades and going to my dance classes. My loves were dancing, art and learning the dance routines from Chicago. I aspired to be an art teacher.
  • Now, my priorities are my husband, my dogs and my family. My loves are reading, cooking and cuddles. My aspiration is to have a beautiful family of my own some day.

My point is we are always changing. I am not the same person now as I was when I was 5. I’m still Zenny. I still have brown hair, brown eyes very small wrists that are disproportioned to my body but I have changed – Who I am and what drives me in life has changed. I know full well that who I am right this moment in time is not who I will be in 10, 20 or 30 years time and guaranteed neither will you.

Our experiences shape us and it’s how we react to those experiences that define who we are and who we become. Our actions define who we are. We are constantly being remoulded and reshaped and every time we are given a new version of ourselves that is just as beautiful as the last.

That is why it’s completely OK TO CHANGE YOUR MIND!

When we change in our core, what once was serving us or what we used to enjoy may not serve us or bring us as much joy as it once did and that is completely OK. I used to LOVE dancing in the rain in my swimming costume – now, not so much.

However, there seems to be this theme of guilt that comes with changing your mind; especially when that change of heart or change of mind will create a pivotal moment in our lives. It’s so easy to feel guilty for no longer wanting to go down a certain path whatever it might be.

  • Maybe you put so much energy into it that you feel disheartened.
  • Perhaps your family and loved ones dedicated so much of their time to that thing you now want to leave behind.
  • Maybe moving on will end up hurting someone.
  • Or maybe you have changed your mind that many times you’re just so confused which is the right path for you to take next.

There are so many reasons why you would change your mind and even more reasons why you might feel guilty for it – those are just a few! All you need to know is that it is OK to change your mind. There shouldn’t be any guilt about it – you grow as the beautiful individual you are every single day of your life so it’s inevitable that your likes and dislikes will evolve too.

Don’t worry if you want to say ‘NO’ to something you once said ‘YES’ to.

Don’t be ashamed if you have to turn your back.

Don’t be embarrassed to go against everything you once believed in.

You are still your amazing self. All that’s happened is you’ve opened a door to a new version of yourself – and yes, it’s still that beautiful, warm soul at the heart of your gorgeous body.

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