Managing your time effectively is one of the biggest key players when it comes to achieving your goals and mapping out the life you desire for yourself – no matter what path or journey you’re on.

Here are some tips that I wanted to share with you, on how to plan your time effectively so that you can manage it to make it work for you AND align with your goals/lifestyle.

What are you prioritising right now?

It can be shocking, but sometimes we don’t actually prioritise what we need to in order to reach our goals, OR we might be prioritising things that actually don’t align with where we are in our lives or where we are heading. Either way, the first step to managing your time effectively is knowing what you’re putting your energy into right now.

What are you putting first? What are your priorities?

What are your goals?

It’s time to get specific and write down what your goals are. Get straight to the point and be as specific and precise as you possibly can. Write down everything you desire on this list, all of those aims and goals you’re aspiring to and what you wish to see in your life.

Are you prioritising your goals?

Look at both of your lists, side by side, and start to analyse them.

  • Are you prioritising your goals?
  • Are your goals on your list of what you’re prioritising right now?
  • Are there any gaps?
  • Have you aligned what you’re putting first with what you’re hoping to manifest in your life?

It’s time to get clear on where you’re spending your energy and your time.

Are you spending your time and energy to its full effectiveness? Can you find any gaps where you need to start prioritising new things or take a step back from others?

Now it’s time to get clear on who you are.

When you’re looking to manage your time effectively, it’s important to be clear on who you are so that you know where you need to spend more energy and where you need to reel it in.

What drains you?

Write a list of everything that drains your energy.

What stresses you?

What causes stress and anxiety in your life?

What energises you?

What makes you happy, sets your soul on fire and gives you life?

Compare what you’re prioritising and what your goals are with these last three lists.

When you’re energised and vibrant, your time will naturally be managed better, PLUS with increased energy levels, you’ll feel more motivated to get things done. When you’re suffering with overwhelm, stress or anxiety, it’s easy to let time slip away from you and you won’t be as enthusiastic to get tasks done. Take note:

  • Are there areas you can reel in your energy?
  • Are there tasks you can ask for help with or even delegate?
  • Should you be spending more time doing something you love and is this possible?

Start figuring out how you can spend your energy efficiently so that you can manage your time efficiently.

It’s time to effectively plan your week!

What are you top three priorities for this week?

What are your non-negotiables that are on the top of your priority list? As you go throughout your week, make sure that you tick these three off your list and spend your time wisely so that you manage to get these done.

What three things would you LOVE to get done this week?

These are the next three things on your priority list that you would love to accomplish once all your non-negotiables have been met.

What three things would you LIKE to do?

These is the bottom of the pecking order. What you write on this list should still align with your purpose and with your goals. They should still energise you and motivate you BUT if you don’t manage to get them done, it shouldn’t be a big deal. These are things you would like to get done in an ideal world but are not essential in your fulfilment.

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