One question I get asked SO often is:

'How do I maintain a healthy diet while travelling?’

I know first-hand how hard it can be, staying healthy and keeping that diet healthy while you’re travelling – with my family living 3,500 miles away, I’ve travelled SO much over the past 9 years. With the summer season coming up, I thought this would be the perfect time to share my top tips with you on how you can keep your diet clean and healthy while you’re travelling or on holiday.

Number 1

Don’t feel the need to diet before a holiday

There is such a massive temptation to go on a crash diet or slave away at the gym for hours on end before you go on holiday. Maybe it’s because you’re after that bikini body booty, wash board abs or to lose a few pounds so you can fit in that bathing suit. Whatever you reasoning for it – DON’T.

There are so many reasons why crash dieting and over-exercising is terrible for your health and your body but aside from the health risks, it can damage your relationship with food AND your body!

Your body is a beautiful temple that deserves to be completely nourished.

NOT put through its paces and neglected or abused in any way.

The best diet is a lifestyle diet. One that not only is healthy and good for your body, mind and soul, but one that is sustainable.

  • Just eat healthy.
  • Move your body.
  • Cut out the junk food.
  • Eat plenty of vegetables.
  • Drink plenty of water.

That’s all you need to do – no crash dieting involved there and you can still enjoy yummy meals following all of those guidelines.

Number 2

Drink plenty of fluid

When I say fluid, I mean good quality water – NOT sodas, fizzy drinks, caffeinated drinks or high sugared juices. Our bodies can get so dehydrated VERY quickly, so if you’re flying then make sure your drinking plenty of fluids on the plane and when you land in your destination country.

If you’re travelling to a destination that is hot or humid, then make sure you’re upping your intake of water to account for that. That excess heat will cause our bodies to dehydrate quicker, especially if we aren’t used to it.

Drinking enough water will also help to keep you digestive system moving so that you avoid bloating and constipation while you’re away.

Number 3

Pack snacks

This is all about prepping your snacks in advance and planning ahead.

Make a list of where you’ll be travelling to and at what points on your journey you’ll be needing to eat. I always make sure I pack snacks and food for the airport, the plane journey itself and then maybe some snacks for when I reach my destination. If I’m travelling by car then I’ll pack snacks or lunch in my handbag/rucksack so that I avoid popping into a service station along the way. Write down at what points you’ll be eating and then plan for those meals or snacks.

You can make snacks at home and take them with you in plastic containers, or you can buy snacks to pack in your case such as rice crackers, protein powders or greens powders.

Try to avoid eating food on the plane if you are flying to your destination – the food served on planes are generally very high in sodium, unhealthy fats and excess sugars to make them more palatable. So pack food that you can reach to when you’re hungry rather than eating those meals served on the plane.

Number 4

Find a supermarket at your destination

Whenever we arrive at our destination, the first thing we do is find a supermarket near by that we can get essentials from. This was something I learned from my parents as no matter where we travelled to, we always made a trip to the local supermarket.

What you can take on a plane or in a car is limited in terms of food. So, finding a supermarket where you’re staying is a great idea to stock up on healthy snacks, drinks and foods. It gives you an opportunity to buy healthier foods and gives you more options when it comes to eating cleaner. It’s also a cheaper way of buying snacks as hotel food and eating out can get a bit expensive – so this is a great tip if you’re on a budget while you’re away.

I normally buy lemons for my hot lemon water in the morning, bananas for a snack and lots of bottled water.

If you have the facilities to cook where you’re staying, then buying ingredients to make meals from scratch is a great way to make sure you’re eating clean when you can.

If you’re visiting family or friends then you can always ask them to get specific foods in for when you arrive. That way you know you have healthy options to turn to straight away, rather than having to drive straight to a supermarket.

Number 5

Plan ahead

Once you know where you’re travelling to, research healthier restaurants and cafes in that area so you know what you’re options are. Planning ahead will also allow you to eat out more comfortably without worrying what’s going to be on a menu. This is a great tip if you know you’re going to be eating out.

Number 6

Keep up your fruit and vegetable intake

Aside from the obvious benefits of fruit and veg (the nutrients, vitamins, minerals), they contain a lot of fibre that really help your digestive system and they keep it ticking along nicely.

When you’re away, there will be times you’ll be eating foods you don’t normally turn to and therefore sometimes your digestive system might not know how to handle it or break it down. Eating plenty of fibre (and drinking water) will help your digestive system to keep moving and working so that you avoid constipation, stomach upset and bloating.

It’s easy to keep your fruit and veg intake high.

  • You can pack fruit as a snack while you’re out for the day – it’s also a great snack if you’re travelling by car.
  • You can eat fruit in the morning (most hotel breakfasts will have some sort of fruit on offer).
  • You can order a side of vegetables whenever you go out for food.
  • You can order a salad for lunch or dinner (or again as a side with your meal).

There are so many options so make sure you’re eating plenty.

Number 7


I’m a firm believer in the 80/20 rule.

Eat healthy and clean 80% of the time and then relax for the other 20%.

This is especially important to remember while you’re travelling and finding balance in your food is key.

While you’re away from home, it’s unrealistic to assume that you’ll be able to eat clean 100% of the time. There will inevitably be times you’ll want to treat yourself, indulge a little or won’t have access to healthier options. When that happens, allow yourself to relax and not worry about it. Remember, it’s about having a healthy relationship with food and with your body so having an indulgent meal here or there won’t do you any harm!

Holidays are meant to be enjoyed, so if you’re going away on holiday then enjoy the food.

Eat healthy when you can and enjoy treats when you want to.

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