Living a healthy life is such a major goal for so many of us and something that we are constantly reaching and aiming for.

We all know what makes the basis of a healthy life:

  • Eat more fruit and veg
  • Eat less processed foods
  • Eat less refined sugars
  • Avoid stress
  • And move your body daily

Sounds simple, right? But if we all know this then how come we still haven’t achieved the ‘healthy’ life we are after?

Even someone living off kale and cold pressed juices might not be living a healthy life and that’s totally down to the fact that health isn’t just fitness and nutrition. Yes, those two things do play a huge role in being ‘healthy’ however, there are 7 other aspects of life that also play and equally huge role in achieving a life that’s healthy, balanced and fulfilling.

Here are the 8 factors that I believe can lead you to living an enriched and healthy life:


Let’s start off with the one that everyone knows about – health. This includes both physical activity and the food we eat and fuel our bodies with.

Exercise is so important for both our physical state of well-being as well as our emotional state. It’s one of the only things that can calm you and energise you at the same time! Our bodies are designed to move and therefore we should be taking advantage of that. We need to learn to move more.

Also part of ‘health’ is the food we eat – nutrition. Eating to live a healthy life means cutting out all the junk and listening to what our bodies love and need in order to function. We are all totally different and unique, so rather than listening to the latest fad or diet, it’s more productive for us to listen instead to our internal intuition and what works for us as individuals.

When it comes to food, try and add more home cooking into your life. I know time is precious but that’s when meal prepping comes in so useful! Home cooking is not only nourishment for the body but it’s also nourishing for the soul.


To live a healthy life, we NEED to have fulfilling and enriching relationships within our lives. There are three areas here that we can focus on:

  • Family relationships
  • Intimate relationships
  • Social life

We need to choose relationships that encourage us to do better, motivate us to learn more, lift us up & fill our lives with joy.


For some of us, our career takes up so many hours in our days and weeks, that if we aren’t feeling fulfilled in this area, it impacts how we feel on a daily and weekly basis. Now, I’m not saying quit your job if you hate it – but you have to make sure that it’s filling your cup up in one way or another.

If you’re not in a career that you enjoy, find a way to add life and passion into it. For example, it might be as simple as adding a bit of colour to your work station if you’re at a desk job – or pinning an inspirational quote to the wall. For me personally, whenever I didn’t enjoy working somewhere, I always looked to make meaningful relationships with the people I worked with. That way I always managed to find joy every day.

Working and having a career is so nourishing for the soul as not only does it give you a sense of purpose but it continually allows you to grow as an individual, no matter what industry you’re in. There’s always scope to learn more, even if it’s just life skills. It also gives you a sense of security and stability financially, which is very calming and reassuring to the mind.


This is one of my favourites aspects of life to explore – this includes both learning and education. I LOVE learning and am always looking to expand my knowledge in any way I can – especially when it’s about my passion or loves for life. For example – I’m continually going on educational courses, seminars and workshops to learn more in the field of health, well-being and nutrition. It honestly gives me such a feeling of fulfilment.

Learning and educating yourself is like magic for the brainit keeps our minds focussed, engaged and open to new things. I’m not suggesting go back to school as that’s not always for everyone – but educating yourself could be as simple as watching a documentary, reading a book, or listening to a pod cast. It’s whatever opens your mind to new opinions, facts and experiences.


This is the most nourishing aspect of life. Making your home your safe space to feel calm, relaxed and chilled. Having a rich and fulfilled home life is so comforting to both the mind and body as it should be your zone to recharge and fill up your cup. It’s your base and your den – no matter what day you have had, you should always feel comforted when you come home. As humans, we all need that space where we just feel safe.


Happiness is such a broad term, and for every one of us it means something totally different. I like to think of these as happiness subcategories. Finding happiness every day is one of the keys to living a truly healthy life – you just have to figure out how you experience happiness and what it means to be happy for you. Whether it’s eating a bowl of warm soup, watching a movie or playing with your dogs – there are so many ways we can all experience happiness, whether it’s for a fleeting moment or a prolonged period of time.


I am such a creative person and LOVE that. Being creative opens your mind, it encourages you to explore the ‘new’ and to always discover and look for more. Living a healthy life, also means that our minds have to be healthy, and being creative really allows for this to happen. Our minds need to be stimulated in order to function at an optimal level and our thoughts need to be pushed and questioned. There are so many ways you can be creative – painting, sewing, taking photographs, reading, playing with your children – the list is endless. Creativity is playful, it’s energising and it’s uplifting!

Under this aspect of life also comes PASSION.

When you are creative it leads to discovering what you are passionate about, what drives you as a person and what inspires you. We all need a passion in life as that’s something that no matter what, will get us out of bed in the morning – it gives us a purpose.


Me time – or ‘glow’ time as I like to call it – is essential. I love the saying:

You can’t pour from an empty cup.

Sometimes the most unselfish thing you can do, is to actually be selfish – look after yourself first before you can look after others. What you will actually find is that the happiest people are the ones who look after themselves and give themselves time to just BE. Those people are so fulfilled internally that they have so much energy to put towards other people’s problems and a more free to help them. So by allowing yourself ‘glow time’ you’re not only working towards your own happiness, but you’re also working towards a healthier, stronger and more present YOU.

As well as this it’s also sometimes comforting to find some sort of spiritual connection, something that grounds you and stills you when you need it. For some it could be a religious connection, for others it might be as simple as meditation or yoga. Explore how you feel connected within yourself.

Look over these 8 aspects and areas of life and notice which ones you may need to focus on. Out of the 8 there may be some that stand out to you as being more important – or some that you feel apply more to your personality and how you wish you life to progress, and that’s totally ok. We are all unique and therefore there is never a ‘one size fits all’ set of rules. But I encourage you to explore each one thoroughly and see how you can grow. By nourishing all these different parts of your life, not only will you feel more content and fulfilled, but you will also be on a journey to living a healthier and enriched life.

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