Know Your Core Values

Confidence comes from having complete faith and trust in yourself.

In short – confidence comes from having that awareness of yourself and trusting that you know who you are at your core.

So, who are you?

What are the ingredients that make up you?

What is at your core?

Get clear on what your core values are so that you can start trusting that you know who you are and what makes you unique.

Stop Playing The Comparison Game

When you compare yourself to other people from a negative mind-set, you are ultimately telling yourself that you are not good enough – that you are somehow lacking something. If you fill your cells with that negative self-talk then that’s going to squash your confidence and your self-esteem. Let go of playing the comparison game so that you can free yourself from thinking that you don’t have everything already.

Know Your Worth

You are perfect just as you are, right now, right at this moment in time.

Where you are in life right now is perfect.

You are worthy of everything.

It’s perfectly natural to want to change something about yourself, to want to grow and develop – BUT, I want you to start taking that inspired action from a place of unconditional love. I want you to know your worth and know that you’re worthy of it all already. You don’t NEED to change anything about yourself in order to become ‘more’ worthy. You’re there already.

Be Authentic

Being authentic just means being who you are. It means being comfortable in who you are. When you are in your truly authentic state, those masks you wear daily have gone, and you’re able to be truly comfortable. When you’re comfortable you’re able to release stress and tension AND you’re more relaxed.

Once you get comfortable within yourself and being your authentic self, then you’ll get increasingly more confident sharing that with other people. That is what will help boost your confidence.

Stop Bullying Yourself

Have you ever told yourself that you’re ugly? That you’re not beautiful, slim, pretty, smart, popular, fit enough? Have you ever said any stinky words to yourself?

If you have ever filled your self-talk with negative words that bring you down, then you have bullied yourself.

You need to start boosting yourself up from the inside and embodying those positive qualities that you wish to see in your life. I want you to become your number one fan and your biggest cheerleader through life; you can only do that once you stop bullying yourself.

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