When you feel like you’ve fallen off the band wagon, sometimes the hardest thing can be finding the motivation to carry on and continue. It’s almost easier to start something when it’s new than when you’re picking something back up again. Mostly, because it’s harder to re-discover the motivation for what you’re doing and the excuses are more abundant!

Here are 5 tips to help you get back on track when you feel like you’ve lost your way in your health, fitness and nutrition journey – or as I like to call it – your journey of nourishment!

Meal plan & Meal prep

This is one tip that I share over and over again! I love meal planning and meal prepping for so many reasons including:

  • It gives you a structure
  • Boosts your confidence in the kitchen
  • Allows you to focus on the nutrients over any number counting
  • Gives you the opportunity to look at your diet as a whole and make sure that you’re filling your meals with a rainbow of fruit and vegetables
  • Gives you clarity on what you’re doing in the kitchen
  • A massive time saver
  • Stops you from over eating
  • Prevents you from reaching for the ‘unhealthier’ food choices

And so much more!

To meal plan:

Get a pen and paper and write down exactly what you’re going to eat over the week. Make sure you’re filling each meal with good quality, nutrient dense foods and plenty of vegetables.

To meal prep:

Take a couple of hours out of your day to spend time in the kitchen and prep your meals, snacks and clean treats in advance.

Organise your life

You wouldn’t cancel an appointment you made? Or ditch a date with a friend or loved one? No! Of course you wouldn’t. So, schedule things in your diary for you and treat them with the same respect you would with any other appointment.

Look at your week and note down when you can spend time doing those things you need to do that will support your health journey. Make sure that the time you allot yourself is realistic and promise yourself that these are commitments you won’t say no to.

Make it exciting and new

When you make it exciting, it’s so much easier to motivate yourself to get back on track! Make it fun!

Try something new that adds a bit of spice to your routine.

For example:

  • Try cooking with a new ingredient
  • Challenge yourself to create a new recipe from scratch
  • Try out a new exercise or fitness class
  • Do something outside of your comfort zone that you have been meaning to

Change your self-talk

It’s time to change the language that you use internally.

Make it positive and motivating so that you can be your biggest cheerleader!

Rather than overwhelming yourself by ‘changes’ and ‘routines’ and all the ‘new’, start calling them ‘healthy habits’. Make sure that your HEALTHY HABITS are realistic and start off small. Make them guidelines over pressurising yourself to be perfect, which leads onto the last tip!

Progress over perfection

It’s all about progress over perfection!

Rather than aim for perfection, focus on the little changes that you can make sustainable in your life. Those little changes will accumulate into something great and wonderful. When it comes to your health journey, there is no such thing as perfect – because it’s a JOURNEY, NOT a destination. So focus on the progress your making, no matter how big or small.

Taking inspired action every day will add up to something absolutely sensational!

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