If you live in the UK then you probably experienced some of that ‘Beast from the East’ we had last week – aka: an unbelievable amount of snow! We live in the middle of the countryside, on top of a hill and so got our fair share of that snow. Needless to say, we were home bound for a few days and so the gym was not an option.

It’s so important to keep our bodies moving though, no matter what’s going on in our day. There’s always something we can do to increase our physical activity levels – it not only helps us if we are on a weight loss journey, but being physically active is so important for our mental health and wellbeing!  

Those days you don’t want to exercise are probably the days you should!

I wanted to share a quick 20 minute full body workout with you. You can do this anywhere, anytime; you don’t need any equipment – just yourself and a whole bunch of energy! I won’t lie, I had a blast filming this in the snow! The workout is listed below or watch the video by clicking the link above.

  • 5 rounds
  • 30 seconds each exercise
  • 1 minute rest in between rounds


  1. Jumps from first to second
  2. Side squat walks
  3. Reverse lunge
  4. Squat kick
  5. Plank with leg raise
  6. Walk out plank

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