One of the most common ‘problem areas’ I hear about when it comes to weight loss and body image are those pesky love handles – aka the hips!

So I thought for my first fitness video, I’d take you through 5 of my favourite exercises that target the hips and help you to tone up that area. It’s not about losing weight from a particular area as that is not possible – losing weight affects the whole body and therefore you can’t specify a certain area to lose it from. However, what you can do is start to love your body and build on its strength, endurance and power – in other words, you can TONE UP a part of your body and target your training to suit.

So if you want a workout to hit those hips and help you tone up then put your hair up, roll your mat out and enjoy!

TIP: Once you’re comfortable with the exercises try increasing the time you do each exercises to one minute per exercise – trust me, you’ll feel the burn!

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