Over the next 5 weeks I wanted to take you through a little workout series that will target the whole body. So, by the end of the series you’ll have a variety of workouts that you can mix and match to create your own workout that will suit you!

This week it’s all about the lower body! So, those glutes, hamstrings, quads plus, your inner and outer thighs too!

The idea behind this series is that I wanted to share the tips and techniques on how to perform the exercises so that you can go through each workout with confidence! To watch the workout in real time, click on the video and head to 6:14 to get stuck in straight away!

Each exercise will be performed for one minute. The side lying exercises will be performed for 30 seconds on each side. In total, the entire workout comes to 5 minutes and trust me, you’ll feel the burn by the end of it!

The exercises:

1. Squat

Standing nice and tall tuck your pelvis slightly underneath you and think about creating lots of length through the torso. Sit your bottom back, bending at the hips and knees and make sure that the weight of your body is in your heels (so you could wiggle your toes if you wanted to!). When you’re in that squat position, make sure you have a straight line from your tail bone all the way through to the crown of your head and keep your shoulders down the back and pulled away from your ears.

Stand back upright, squeezing your bottom at the top by tucking your pelvis back underneath you.

Exhale to squat and Inhale to come back to standing.

2. 3 Directional Lunge

There are 3 steps to this lunge.

  • Take your working leg directly behind you and bend your knees so that they are both at 90 degrees. Keep your torso lifted up tall throughout all 3 lunges and avoid letting the shoulders drop forwards.
  • Next, cross the working leg behind your supporting leg into a curtsey lunge.
  • Finally, take the working leg away from the centre line of the body and lunge at the diagonal.

3. Bridge

Lie with you back on the floor, feet on the floor and knees bent. Make sure the feet are hip distance apart, keep your shoulders down the back, pulled away from the ears and slightly tuck your pelvis underneath you to create a neutral spine. From there peel your spine off the floor, articulating through each of the vertebrae until your body is in a ski slope position. Squeeze your bottom at the top.

Inhale to prepare.

Exhale to roll up.

Inhale to hold.

Exhale to roll down.

4. Inner Thigh Lift

Lie on your side – the working leg is the one closest towards the ground. Bend the knee of the top leg and place it behind the bottom leg. Lift the bottom leg using your inner thigh and supporting your body with your arms. Think about creating lots of length from the hip all the way through to the toe.

Exhale to lift and inhale to lower.

5. Clams

Again, this one is performed lying on your side.

This time lie on top of your arm with your palm facing towards the ceiling. Bend your knees and align your toes with your hips. Slightly tuck your pelvis underneath you until you have reached neutral spine and then pull your waist away from the floor. Keeping the feet in contact with each other the whole time, lift the top knee to open the legs and then lower and close. Keep the hips and shoulders stacked the whole time and you should feel it pinching at your butt cheek when you get to the top!

Exhale to open and inhale to close.

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