Easter Treats1

With Easter just around the corner I wanted to create some delicious treats that are packed with nutritious ingredients for you to enjoy over the weekend. Eating clean, healthy and mindful doesn’t mean restricting yourself in any way at all and I’m a firm believer in the 80/20 rule – it’s so important to have those indulgent treats once in a while because life is all about balance! Most importantly, the food you eat is meant to be enjoyed. Let’s face it, Easter is more than just the chocolate eggs – it’s also about spending time with friends and family and making meaningful memories. That’s why it was so important to me, to be able to share some yummy indulgent recipes with you that you can make to share with YOUR loved ones so you don’t have that chocolate ‘guilt’ or ‘shame’ over the weekend.

All these recipes are dairy free, gluten free and refined sugar free.

Freezer Chocolate


  • 40g raw organic coconut oil
  • 3tbsp 100% pure maple syrup
  • 20g raw organic cacao powder
  • ½ tbsp tahini

How to make it:

  1. Melt the coconut oil over a low heat.
  2. Take it off the heat and mix in the maple syrup and tahini.
  3. Then add the cacao powder and mix until completely blended.
  4. Leave for half an hour to cool slightly before using it to decorate your Easter eggs (recipes below) or pour into chocolate moulds/cups straight away.

Notes: These chocolates can be stored in the freezer in an air tight container and enjoyed whenever you need a sweet treat or want a healthy burst of fat.

If you don’t like the flavour of tahini then leave it out of the recipe. The tahini just makes it a little creamier and thicker which comes in handy when coating your Easter eggs in the chocolate.

Easter Treats 3

Peanut Butter Egg


  • 100g peanut butter
  • 40g peanut flour
  • 2 tbsp rice malt syrup

How to make them:

  1. Blend all the ingredients together until it forms a smooth mixture.
  2. Roll the mixture into 10-12 egg shaped balls.

Caramel Egg


  • 80g cashew nuts
  • 40g ground almonds
  • 50g dates (soaked and drained)
  • 1tsp 100% pure maple syrup

How to make them:

  1. Soak the dates in warm water for half an hour and then drain the water and mop up any excess liquid.
  2. Blend all the ingredients together until they form a smooth mixture.
  3. Roll the mixture into 10-12 egg shaped balls.

How to decorate them:

There are so many options when it comes to decorating your eggs in the chocolate mixture but these are my top 2:

  1. Place the eggs on some non-stick baking paper and drizzle the chocolate over the top to make a zig-zag pattern.
  2. Dip the egg in the chocolate to cover the whole surface and then let it set in the fridge until solid. Cover the egg in more chocolate and repeat until you get the desired thickness of the chocolate. This option creates a gorgeous chocolate shell that covers the whole egg.

These eggs are best kept in the fridge.

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